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    More than just code: software is serving your business.

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    Enabling the Connected World.

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    The power behind intelligent systems.

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    Moving to a new engineering dimension.

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    Because system security is more than just a matter of Intelligence.

  • Safety

    Providing Board to Board safety to meet the challenges of intelligent systems.

What are intelligent systems?

Intelligent systems are a new wave of embedded and real-time systems that are highly connected, with massive processing power and performing complex applications. Their pervasiveness is reshaping the real world and how we interact with our digital life.

These intelligent systems are creating new opportunities for industry and business, and new experiences for users and consumers. They can be found in all domains: automotive, rail, aerospace, defence, energy, healthcare, telecoms and consumer electronics.

Intelligent Systems / Altran Launch

Watch our short video introducing Intelligent Systems / Altran

Intelligent Systems Launch

Intelligent Systems Launch

Watch the video

Altran, the global integrator of intelligent systems

Altran believes there are three key challenges intelligent systems need to address to be successful in the market.


Solving application complexity, systems integration, and society’s demand for safety and security.


To gain user acceptance and market share, Intelligent Systems have to be desirable, efficient and offer a seamless experience.


Intelligent Systems have to be cost-effective, sustainable and support new business models, in a world of blurring boundaries between industry players.