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A Global Integrator

Intelligent Systems / Altran has set-up an internal organization with the stated objective of providing clients with a partner capable of addressing all aspects of intelligent systems – a global integrator for intelligent systems.

As a global integrator, Intelligent Systems / Altran is a:

  • Technology Partner – providing easy access to leading technology, from IP blocks to advanced tool technology
  • Delivery Partner – able to handle the delivery of all aspects of intelligent systems, from architecture definition to turn-key delivery
  • Decision Partner – advising and consulting on key business and strategic technology issues around Intelligent Systems including business model selection, technology trending and product safety approval

In order to deliver this global integrator position, Intelligent Systems / Altran has implemented:

  • A clear global leadership structure for setting vision, strategy and direction
  • A cross-country management team focused on the Intelligent Systems business
  • A network of Delivery Centres across Europe, Asia and USA which are specialists in the delivery of Intelligent Systems projects
  • A coherent engineering management system across the Delivery Centres, including appropriate registrations, whether general (ISO9001) or industry specific (EN9100)
  • Six global practices encompassing 3,000 engineers world-wide. Each practice is led by a Global Technical Director, responsible for setting technical strategy, developing new solutions and ensuring key world-wide experts are available to our clients whatever their location
  • A strategic innovation program which leads the development of technology blocks, project accelerators and demonstrators to enable our clients to implement intelligent systems more effectively

Intelligent Systems / Altran is committed to being the global integrator in the intelligent systems sector.