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Providing Board to Board safety to meet the challenges of intelligent systems.


Increased usage of software, high levels of systems integration and new requirements for connectivity, all present a significant challenge to safety and certification. These challenges are seen in applications ranging from safety certification of Unmanned Air Systems to the introduction of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) meeting the standards of ISO 26262.

Businesses in all industries find themselves needing to:

  • Ensure compliance with societal requirements: legal, regulations and standards
  • Take account of rapid changes in technology
  • Reduce time to market
  • Reduce the cost of certification whilst maintaining and improving safety

Offer description

Intelligent Systems / Altran has been providing safety services for embedded and critical systems for over twenty years, and has a Global Safety Practice working in seven regulated industries. This Safety Practice is supported by Intelligent Systems / Altran’s world-wide safety-related systems build & assurance capability.

Intelligent Systems / Altran works with its clients to achieve:

  • Safe introduction of new systems, products or technology
  • Improvement in the safety performance of their enterprise, business, department or site, e.g. through standards compliance & product assurance
  • Reduction in the cost & time of safety achievement (while maintaining safety)


A “Board to Board” safety offer

The Safety Practice supports its customers with nine packaged offers. These offers are provided by Intelligent Systems / Altran at a wide range of organisational and system levels, from corporate governance strategy & advice at company board level, through to detailed safety analysis at printed circuit board level. 

Packaged offers list

Enterprise Safety Governance & Consulting
Customers at board level including senior directors ask for strategic and management advice on many aspects of safety management and safety engineering. Examples include setting safety objectives for senior management, assessing safety culture and developing a Safety Management System.

Safety Partnering
Intelligent Systems / Altran will form part of the client’s bid team, and take responsibility for managing the safety work packages of the project, and its suppliers. Includes all aspects of safety and its integration.


End-to-End Safety Engineering
Provision of full end-to-end safety lifecycle expertise from initial safety concept through to safety case development and certification. This offer includes a wide range of analysis techniques such as HAZOP, FFA and FMEA. Examples range from whole train safety case development to vehicle board-level assessment.



Reliability, Availability and Maintainability analyses in support of system design and system safety assessment activities, including the use of techniques such as FTA, RBD, FMECA, Markov Analysis and RCM. Examples include radar sub-system components and satellite electronic equipment.


An electronic Safety Case approach for capturing and presenting large amounts of data and the safety argument for safety cases and certification. The approach uses HTML to link between different parts of the safety case, and integrates with data stored in tools such as DOORS.

aSSureD – Safety-related System Build & Assurance
Development and assurance of safety critical systems up to and including SIL 4 , with experience from large-scale distributed control centre systems with hundreds of thousands of lines of code to small-scale embedded systems for example an automotive electronic door switch.

 Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)
Provision of independent opinion on safety work: as required by a regulator in the form of a contracted ISA, or as a second opinion for delivery risk reduction. This offer includes active ISATM, Intelligent Systems / Altran’s branded approach to ISA, which provides a pro-active, focused and tailored approach aimed at time and cost efficiency. Examples projects for which Altran / Intelligent Systems has been ISA range from the introduction of a new automatic train control system, to the software for an automotive electronic throttle controller.

Notified Body Conformity Assessment
Intelligent Systems / Altran is a European Notified Body (NoBo) for rail signalling systems. A NoBo is an organisation accredited to assess products and declare their conformity with certain standards such that the manufacturer can label the product with a CE mark (which is required for sale of products within Europe). Intelligent Systems / Altran is a NoBo for conformity assessment for complex and novel systems against the European Railway System Directive for Interoperability 2001/16/EC level, and has provided conformity assessment for all principal signalling systems (both trackside and trainborne) including CBTC and ERTMS for clients supplying globally.

Safety Training
Provision of more than twenty safety training courses for engineers and managers and covering the safety lifecycle and industry-specific issues in rail, aerospace, defence, automotive and air traffic management. Examples include safety lifecycle training in safety analyses, independent safety assessment and safety arguments. Industry training includes Engineering Safety Management for the rail industry, which has been delivered to more than 7,000 engineers and managers in the rail industry.

Image Safety

Case reference

Safety Partner for Thales Watchkeeper Unmanned Air Vehicle



Thales selected Intelligent Systems / Altran as safety partner for its Watchkeeper Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). Intelligent Systems / Altran delivered the safety integration for the entire vehicle, covering all airborne & ground-based embedded systems, and including safety management of the entire vehicle supply chain.  The main deliverable was an electronic safety case to support release into service, which was developed using the eSafetyCase technology.


Intelligent Systems / Altran enabled Watchkeeper to successfully complete its first unmanned flight in UK airspace.