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Software Engineering

More than just code: software is serving your business.


In the rapidly changing technology markets, especially when considering intelligent systems, software (and capabilities enabled by software) continues to dominate the values and costs of many types of business. Industry and business face a range of challenges and opportunities – in technology, in the experience offered to users, and in the business models which support them.

  • Technology trends: Challenges arise from the changing nature of embedded technology and the reducing cost of providing it: as powerful processors become increasingly pervasive and systems are increasingly connected, the functionality and complexity of the software deployed in all kinds of devices increases dramatically
  • Competitiveness: Software and software-enabled businesses are uniquely interconnected and portable. In such a globally-connected environment world-wide access to emerging suppliers widens possible supplier relationships, while increasing competition in time-to-market and quality
  • Desirability: As technology capabilities increase, so do user expectations of the function and usability of devices. It is the software of an intelligent system that must deliver a compelling user experience while maintaining or reducing cost
  • Higher social expectations: The benefits of intelligent systems have resulted in applications in increasingly critical roles – for example in aviation, in automotive, in healthcare. The software that fulfils these roles needs to meet with expectations of improved levels of safety, security, and environmental & social impact. This may be manifest through both changing regulation and market pressure (for example in energy efficiency or improved information security)

Offer description

At Intelligent Systems / Altran, we believe that software is more than just writing code: software is serving your business. To respond to this new wave of intelligent systems challenges, industry and business needs access to software development, deployment and maintenance capability which is:

  • Agile in the face of technology and market changes, allowing time-to-market to be minimised
  • Able to meet customer and regulatory expectations for quality safety and security
  • Able to provide a compelling customer experience
  • Cost-effective

In response, Intelligent Systems / Altran has developed a global software strategy based on six key principles:


1. Drive software engineering globally through a CMMI appraised international Software Engine
2. Base its software engineering approach on the Agile and Lean paradigms
3. Provide a local service to customers supported by a network of international delivery centres
4. Support customers through a wide variety of commercial and engagement models
5. Reduce cost and increase productivity through automation, offshore and process maturity
6. Create the technology and intellectual proprety necessary to build improved user experiences


Our software engineering practices are embedded in the Software Engine – a virtual organization within Intelligent Systems / Altran that shares a common set of processes, practices, tools and improvement activities, and which has been externally appraised to CMMI-DEV ML3.

The Software Engine’s methods support a variety of development life-cycles, from traditional V, W and waterfall models to iterative and agile methods. Projects range in maturity from prototypes through production to maintenance of legacy software infrastructure, and in scale from one-off bespoke installations to series vehicle production. The processes and tools adopted support early identification and elimination of defects, maintenance of consistency and traceability, and measurement of product quality and process performance. A unified technical reporting structure allows rapid exploitation of lessons learned.

Intelligent Systems / Altran offers its clients a combination of established off-the-shelf offers underpinned by full-lifecycle consultancy and support.

Packaged offers list

  • Advanced User Experience – leading edge user interaction technologies such as speech, touch, movement and 3D displays – taken from concept through to deployment. Includes ergonomy, requirements engineering and hardware / software development. 
  • Infotainment Prototyping – mobile information and entertainment systems taken from concept to production-ready designs and implementations; includes product road-map and lifecycle planning for through-life support.
  • Upgradeable Architectures – a review, consultancy and design service for software architectures that need to be robust to changes in environment, use, or business model without the need to recall or replace the platform.
  • Mobile Factory – a turn-key development centre for mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows, including rapid definition of requirements via facilitated workshops. Focuses on connected applications with complex back-office business logic.
  • MBSwE Service Centre – cost-effective development and verification of models and model-based software implementation. Commercial structure includes tool costs and takes benefits from off-shore working. Technologies include the certified SCADE tool chain.
  • AUTOSAR Implementation – covering organisational deployment of the AUTOSAR automotive architecture, development of the necessary basic software infrastructure and delivery of functions within the resulting framework.
  • aSSureD Safety Systems Development – proven delivery capability for systems up to the highest levels of safety integrity across a wide range of industries and standards, including DO-178B/C, IEC 61508 and CENELEC 51028. Integrated management of safety assurance and development minimises programme and technical risk.
  • Secure Software Development – using proprietary development processes and tools, Intelligent Systems / Altran is capable of delivering software to the highest levels of formal security assurance (EAL 6 & 7), including providing risk management and formal security models.
  • Hardware-Software Infrastructure – a combined electronics, firmware and software capability, delivering integrated hardware and software platforms ready for integration with your application software. Software environments include Linux, Windows and various RTOS as well as ‘bare board’ architectures.
  • Intelligent Verification & Validation – development of appropriate V&V strategies for software and systems based on product, application and acceptance environment, backed by risk-driven V&V delivery capability to minimise the cost of quality.
  • HIDE 4 Legacy Maintenance – a development, verification and support service capable of taking existing products and sustaining them through market maturity and change. Supported by our High Integrity Defect Eliminate (HIDE) approach to maintaining software quality through-life.
  • Intelligent Systems Academy - To keep your engineers up to date about the constantly changing market,our Intelligent Systems Academy offers a wide range of courses developed to fill up the lack of quality trainings about embedded software and to share the knowledge of our own embedded software experts with you.
  • Code Review Automation - Static code monitoring framework TIOBE TICS creates a company wide quality awareness. TICS is able to aggregate different quality metrics in one interface and shows immediately the effect. This short and clear feedback cycle is very easy to manage.
  • Test automation - Automated testing can actually reduce the amount of manual testing, shorten the development schedule and reduce cost.
  • Quality budget optimization - There is an ever increasing pressure on the testing of systems. On the one hand, products are becoming more complex due to the growing software component while the time to market needs to be reduced. On the other hand, the activities preceding the testing usually incur delay. Nevertheless, quality products are to be delivered. Altran provides intrinsically good software thanks to our engineering and testing approach. 



Image Safety

Case reference

Delivering iFACTS – one of the most advanced predictive air traffic control tools in the world



UK’s leading air traffic services provider appointed Intelligent Systems / Altran to develop the new software and provide the required safety assurance for iFACTS, advanced Air Traffic Control tools for conflict detection. Intelligent Systems / Altran applied its low-defect development approach and deployed a multi-disciplinary, multi-national team of over 140 engineers at Intelligent Systems / Altran’s delivery centres in UK, France and India.


iFACTS became fully operational in 2011 and is the 2013 winner of the IHS Jane's Enabling Technology Award, a prestigious international award recognising innovation in global air traffic management.