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Systems Engineering

Moving to a new engineering dimension.


Across all industry sectors, systems are becoming increasingly interactive, intelligent and thus complex and critical. In parallel, regulations are becoming more stringent.

Integration of systems has become more difficult, whether it be integration of components into a system or integration of the system within its environment. Specific integration issues include:

  • Converging on an integrated solution while avoiding costly engineering iterations
  • Ensuring the appropriateness of selected commercial off-the-shelf elements
  • Succeeding in merging diverse technologies
  • Unifying specialist engineering silos
  • Ensuring consistent business-level interactions at system boundaries or over a system-of-systems

Many enterprises have a strategy to move up the value chain in response to competition in their markets. They are also facing the internationalization of projects, and the multiplication of stakeholders each with different practices and processes.

Within this context, fulfilling cost, quality and delivery objectives becomes a major issue.

The intelligent systems challenge in systems engineering can be summarized as the need to move to a new system level to include:

  • Raising projects from local to transnational
  • Developing systems instead of equipments
  • Changing paper-based engineering into model-based
  • Going from physical testing to virtual integration
  • Creating an integrated engineering approach from silos

…and reach the dimension that will best serve your product and business.

Offer description

Intelligent Systems / Altran has 20 years’ experience in Systems Engineering. Common Systems Engineering challenges which Intelligent Systems / Altran works with its clients to address are to:

  • Reduce systems development timescales and costs
  • Ensure critical engineering milestones are met
  • Reuse solutions, components and technologies
  • Deploy organization-wide processes and practices
  • Spread system thinking through training & mentoring

Intelligent Systems / Altran provides nine packaged offers for Systems Engineering, applicable at organization, project, or process level to help you move to the next dimension. These packaged offers are the building blocks for achieving higher value: (i) agile & lean engineering (ii) virtualization (iii) life-cycle choice & control and (iv) successful engineering business models.

Finally, we have experience in seven industrial sectors, and provide cross-fertilization of methods and best practices between different noncompetitive industries.

Packaged offers list

Systems Engineering Scale Up

Intelligent Systems / Altran enables clients to take their systems engineering to the next level through a package of consulting services including diagnosis, mentoring, training and change strategy.

Examples would include:

  • Initial deployment of Systems Engineering.
  • Increasing engineering automation through MBSE.
  • Integrating new engineering disciplines, e.g. human factors.
  • Moving from Equipment implementation to Systems, or Systems to Systems-of-Systems.

This offer covers processes, methods and tools. It includes compliance against industry specific (e.g. ARP-4754) or generic (e.g. ISO-15288) standards.


Systems Engineering Lifecycle Delivery

Intelligent Systems / Altran takes responsibility for engineering client systems through work packages covering either the full engineering process or a subset of engineering activities. This service takes benefit from Intelligent Systems / Altran well-tried delivery capabilities (a transnational network of SE delivery centres with dedicated IT, delivery organization and processes).


Requirement-Based Systems Engineering

Intelligent Systems / Altran applies requirement-centric engineering to drive development from concept to IVV (methods & tools to elicit, assess, value, negotiate & prioritize needs). This is supported by Intelligent Systems / Altran proprietary approach (REVEAL™).


This offer includes implementing integrated & automated engineering data management (central data reference), using a large set of commercial requirements management tools (including DOORS, Reqtify and others).


Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSyE)

Intelligent Systems / Altran applies a model-based approach to support & optimize engineering from concept to IVV (usage or design focused modeling), combining operational, functional, behavioral & multi-physical views. Simulation – in support of system level analyses – is a major aspect of this offer.

Client issues will drive the choice of the right set of technologies, in terms of methods, formalisms and tools: examples include object-oriented (UML/SysML…), functional (EFFBD), multi-physical (MATLAB/Simulink…), and formal (SCADE…).


Innovative Design (to-X)

Intelligent systems / Altran performs innovation-based (re)design to X (where X can be cost, power consumption, safety or other system performance), optimizing value to fulfill the right need.

This offer includes the building of logical decision sequences to support objective design and specialities integration.

This offer is proposed and delivered in association with Lifecycle Experience / Altran.


Simulation Technology

Intelligent Systems / Altran performs all phases of the simulation life cycle: definition and IVV, support and maintenance (simulator update), models architecting & development, and simulation products development.

This simulation offer covers both engineering (cycle performance improvement) and training.

It is supported by a deep knowledge of commercial simulation technologies (MATLAB, dSPACE…).


Acquisition Engineering

Acquiring complex software-intensive systems or components requires contractually efficient and technically effective engineering approach.

Intelligent Systems / Altran performs all phases of the procurement process: acquisition strategy definition, procurement preparation (SOW, RFP), supplier selection & agreement negotiation, agreement execution follow-up, product acceptance.


Certification Assurance

Intelligent Systems / Altran provides support in applying industry-specific regulatory standards (e.g. ARP4754A, ISO26262, FDA…) as well as managing the dialogue with certification agencies (path to certification).



Intelligent Systems / Altran assesses emergency project situations, identifying root causes as well as applying quick and efficient methods (with tools) to support recovery & reboot.

Image Safety

Case reference

Demonstration of model-based aircraft engineering value



Intelligent Systems / Altran was contracted by an aircraft manufacturer to:

> First demonstrate to the client that MBSyE (Model-based Systems Engineering) could add value to their business
> Then deploy MBSyE across aircraft programs (with a scope covering usage & requirements engineering, design verification, performance and safety analyses, IVV support)


Intelligent Systems / Altran built a consistent toolbox (methods & tools for modeling & simulation) addressing a large set of engineering issues & covering operational, functional & multi-physical dimensions.

Around 40 models were elaborated, over 5 years, by a transnational team reaching 30 people, covering many aspects of aircraft definition (including some generic A/C models).

Major findings demonstrated added-value of MBSyE on an ongoing Aircraft program. MBSyE is now a key part of the client’s company Systems Engineering process.