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Core Offers

VueForge™, creating value from Machine-Driven Big Data

VueForge™, Altran’s unique end-to-end offer for Machine-Driven Big Data, combines technology, usage and profitability with an in-depth industry understanding, key in-house accelerators and a supporting partner ecosystem. Altran has developed VueForge™ to help clients in all industries to reap the benefits of the opportunities offered by the new industrial Machine-Driven Big Data revolution and forge their view of next-generation of connected machines.


Core Offers building blocks

Intelligent Systems / Altran provides an end-to-end systems integration solution for our clients, based on the six building blocks of intelligent systems: Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronics, Safety, Security and Connectivity.

We provide core solutions for each of these building blocks, supplemented by packaged offers addressing specific industry challenges.

Systems Engineering
Software Engineering