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Meeting the opportunity of intelligent, green connected vehicles.


The automotive market is evolving rapidly from closed hardware-based systems, to open and connected mobile eco-systems, providing the opportunity for new partnerships and revenue streams. The vehicle is becoming an extension of consumers’ connected lifestyle, offering access to tailored services that should be presented in a safe and useable in-car manner.

Growing urbanization and ecological sensitivity has brought a major change in the automotive mindset leading to a focus on sustainable development and alternative mobility. As a consequence, there is rapid development in electric and hybrid vehicles and associated intelligent technologies, for example energy management and optimised driving styles. These intelligent technologies are necessary to enable manufacturers to differentiate their offerings and need to be adapted to the cost and time to market requirements of the automotive market.

The increasing intelligence and sophistication of driver advisory, car control and passenger infotainment systems is providing major integration challenges for the industry across the supply chain.

Finally, we have the recent adoption of the automotive safety standard ISO 26262, which demands that OEMs and the supply chain view and demonstrate the safety of complex systems in a very different way than previously.

Intelligent Systems / Altran focuses on ensuring the Automotive industry can meet the challenges of these new technologies and manage the complexity of the product and associated business models. 


Intelligent Systems / Altran has delivered to leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 /2 suppliers for 20 years, and is in a unique position to provide a world-wide, end-to-end innovative offering in the field of embedded, critical or connected systems.  Intelligent Systems / Altran’s experience and offer is relevant to all automotive sectors including passenger, trucks, commercial, agricultural and military vehicles.

Altran is an Autosar Premium Partner and as well as a member of the GENIVI Alliance.

Intelligent Systems / Altran has packaged offers in the following five areas:

  • Connectivity: Intelligent Systems / Altran’s focus is on the design, prototyping and turn-key development for the complete range of automotive Connectivity Technology and Performance including: multimedia, IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment), navigation and telematics systems, optimised driving systems and diagnostic applications (OBD). This includes specific excellence centres addressing Advanced User Experience technologies and ergonomics. Examples include :
    • For one of Germany’s largest OEM: Intelligent Systems / Altran was responsible for the full lifecycle development of infotainment software, and significantly reduced lifecycle cost through effective software reuse
    • Development of an Intelligent Systems / Altran Connected Car (IVI) platform that builds on the GENIVI compliant Linux distributions which is fully automotive compliant and integrated into the car electronics. This platform offers a rich connection with the external world, opening up the car to the digital ecosystem and allowing users to download applications and services
  • Software Engineering: Automotive embedded software development, including the provision of consultancy and end-to-end engineering services including a Model-Based Software Engineering (MBSwE) Service CentreHardware-software infrastructure, and Intelligent Verification & Validation, for systems such as engine control, driver awareness and enhanced stability control. This offer includes aSSureD Safety Systems Development for critical systems such as vehicle control and driver assistance. Examples include:
    • Development of next generation surround view, night vision and image processing systems
    • Integration of body functions on an optimised network architecture using AUTOSAR and complying with ISO 26262
    • Autosar Implementation: as premium member of Autosar Intelligent Systems / Altran has a dedicated offer for Autosar developments:
      • Consultancy : strategic advice to our clients who wish to migrate to Autosar, as well as technical strategy for the implementation of Autosar
      • Training for developers and managers
      • Realisation : from expert architecture, verification, configuration to development of Autosar compliant ECUs
  • Systems engineering: our focus is on supporting the industry dealing with the increasing complexity of developments (e.g. car connectivity, electro mobility, driver assistance) with an Engineering Scale Up offer as well as the management of variants, including Model Based System Engineering (MBSyE), Requirements-Based System Engineering and Certification Assurance.
    Examples include:
    • Driving the implementation of MBSyE for a car manufacturer by creating a new HIL solution across the electrical team
    • Definition of system engineering processes to enable our client to meet ISO 26262 requirements (ASIL C) and Automotive SPICE Level 3 requirements for a radar based ADAS system.
  • Safety: Functional safety engineering service, including ISO 26262 compliance, with specific offers in Enterprise Safety Governance & Consulting, Safety Partnering, and End-to-End Safety Engineering: focusing on applications such as driver assistance, hybrid & electric vehicles, vehicle control (e.g. electric steering), airbags, ECU development as well as safety in the context of Autosar. Examples include:
    • Definition and implementation of a software quality assurance strategy/plan for a model-based control system design (electric power assisted steering) with the aim to achieve Automotive SPICE level 3 and SIL3 safety requirements. Including the coordination of activities with the certification organisations
    • Development and implementation of a technical safety concept for a Hybrid Vehicle control system for a leading OEM
    • Functional safety analysis of active aerodynamic systems for a renowned sports car maker including Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (ASIL identification) and functional Safety concepts
    • Renault F1 (now Lotus F1) regenerative braking system (KERS): software safety review and high-level safety study for the battery and battery management system
  • Electronics: Intelligent Systems / Altran’s focus is on :
    • High-speed digital design and Analog Design & Power Management for vehicle communication systems (CAN, LIN for example) and chassis electronics: Consultancy, simulation, instrumentation, integration and validation. Examples include :
      • Integration of chassis electronics and gearbox electronics for a hybrid supercar
      • Development of a CAN/GPRS electronic card; Specific software to retrieve, process and transmit vehicle data for a fleet management application
    • Model-Based Electronic Design and manufacturing for medium size production, safety critical electronics design in compliance with ISO 26262
    • Specific Intelligent Systems / Altran Connectivity products in the domains of Embedded instrumentation, architecture and simulation, PC interfaces and validation. Example products include :
      • MUXlab4 and MUXlink provide hardware and software solutions used to activate embedded applications for real-time computing systems based on Simulink® and Stateflow®
      • MUXlog is a tool for data logging the activity of CAN and LIN vehicle buses
    • Analog Design & Power Management for electro-mobility. Examples include :
      • Vehicle energy management for a French OEM: design of on-board power supply vehicle architecture, optimization of the vehicle energetic control strategy, system integration of high voltage battery pack, development and integration of CO2 reducing features
      • Development of an energy-management computer for hybrid vehicles to create an innovative transmission system to power hybrid four-wheelers. This system offers two types of operating system, both of which are designed to reduce pollution, either all-electric mode for urban driving, or a hybrid mode to reduce CO2 emissions on longer stretches to the outlying suburbs
      • Intelligent Systems / Altran has developed the product PLC tracer an innovative technological device designed to verify system compliance in a segment controlled by a number of different standards. The device, which is activated during the power-recharging process, monitors the smooth data transfer between the connected elements to ensure optimal charge of the vehicle 



Case reference

Software development for high-end infotainment system



A new generation of product was required by a major luxury vehicle manufacturer to introduce a revolution in ‘Driver experience’ for its future IVI systems:

> Establishing a benchmark for next generation automotive cockpits
> Bringing enhanced consumer lifestyle into the vehicle
> Becoming the best in-class IVI solution


Engaging up to 500 man years in the development effort for software alone the Intelligent Systems / Altran approach delivered breakthroughs in embedded systems engineering.  Intelligent Systems / Altran delivered a cross-car line product selling more than three million units, and delivered one third below time and budget. The product programme was extended by three years due to the quality of implementation (zero returns due to software).