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Telecoms & Media

The Connected World enabler: new opportunities across industries.


The Telecoms and Media sector is dominated by increased connectivity and mobility requirements, driven by a combination of technology trends such as improved network coverage, internet speeds, cloud-based services and M2M, and demand from users and consumers for new services.  

This implies affordable technology and devices, and wide access to internet. It also means new types of pressures for the operators and content providers, where a focus is now on network coverage and speed, as well as the best user experience in order to differentiate their services. 

Mobile traffic is expected to grow twenty-fold by 2017 and these new connectivity expectations are penetrating other industries such as healthcare, transportation and energy. This growth is creating tremendous opportunities for telecoms industry players for the generation of new connected services world-wide, into new sectors.  

As content delivery over mobile network is growing, users are increasingly expecting “on demand” services such as TV.  It is hence becoming more important for the industry players to secure the quality and the user-experience of their services end-to-end. 

This trend has technical and business implications and Intelligent Systems / Altran focuses on ensuring the Telecoms and Media sector can meet the challenges of these new technologies and manage the complexity of the product and business models associated.


Altran has been providing services to the Telecoms and Media industry for more than 20 years. Intelligent Systems / Altran provides packaged offers to address the challenges of increasing connectivity and mobility requirements across the industry but also to enable Telecoms and Media companies to grasp opportunities in other sectors with connectivity and mobility requirements e.g. Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Railways etc.
The offer includes:

  • Connected World: our focus is on the “engineering of connectivity” for Telecoms and Media applications in all sectors, from the electronic board to the user experience.
    Examples include:
    • Development of a Connected Car (IVI) platform that builds on the GENIVI compliant Linux distributions which is fully automotive compliant and integrated into the car electronics. This platform offers a rich connection with the external world, opening up the car to the digital ecosystem and allowing users to download applications and services
    • Development of a platform based on HbbTV standard with services to enrich TV user experience (such as news, games, content on demand and social networking)
    • Implementation of a pilot videoconferencing SaaS service on LTE 4G devices
    • Development of internet connected features for white goods e.g. connected washing machines, fridges
  • Intelligent Product Engineering Services: the focus of this offer is on the provision of engineering services (software, system, and electronics) for the connected machines and devices, where clients typically require a range of outsourced services to accommodate variations of their existing products or engineer new products. This offer applies to mobile devices/machines and systems as well as infrastructure equipment.
    Examples include:
    • Mobile Factory and Advanced User Experience for the handset market - many apps developed for the industry from market analysis, for iPhone, Android, to integration in mobile platform. Includes the design of an award-winning communication device for financial traders including HMI and acoustics
    • Variants management (including software, hardware, testing and maintenance) and platform management e.g. end to end management of a mobile streaming (TV) platform including engineering, monitoring, updating and improving, content provider management
    • Device test: Complex technology needs to be thoroughly tested to ensure flawless operation as well as satisfaction of the end user. We offer device test solutions for functional testing, interoperability, stability and performance testing as well as usability and application level testing of all connectivity technologies
    • Communication stack integration: To enable seamless connectivity connected devices need to implement common standards for signalling, authentication, communication and error detection. We offer solutions to deploy existing communication stacks as well as to design and develop new protocols using formal methods
    • Digital high speed design and complex FPGA to speed up the introduction of latest technologies, including Hardware design, Firmware design, Rapid prototyping and testing
    • EMC qualification and troubleshooting 
    • WiMAX design and deployment management for the whole end to end networks for EMEA including core network, transport network, VAS and Access
    • Legacy system maintenance and I V+V for network equipment providers

Telecoms & Media

Case reference

Streaming & Mobile TV for a Telecoms Operator


Objective was end-to-end project management of the service platforms, including engineering, monitoring, updating and improvement of the platform, according to marketing requirements. 


With an extensive knowledge of the technical solution, Intelligent Systems / Altran provided a reliable technical support at Level 3. Altran guaranteed the best operation quality standards, monitored by SLAs and was responsible for the platform operations and its service evolution.