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Connected Car Platform (CC-p)

Are you ready for a digital ride?


The Connected Car Platform is a technology block enabling Intelligent Systems / Altran to work with clients delivering next-generation IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment) systems. It showcases advanced services such as application download, web radio, social networking as well as conventional features including hands-free telephony, media player connectivity and navigation. These services can be accessed and controlled via a multimodal HMI supporting voice commands, vehicle specific controls (e.g. rotary push button and steering wheel controls) as well as a touch screen. Our Transparent Device Integration (TDI) technology ensures seamless continuity of services such as navigating your car to a parking area and continuing to navigate to your final destination by using your mobile phone. The demonstrator is based on an open source GENIVI compliant software platform and has been integrated into a real car, also demonstrating secure access of vehicle data by downloaded, certified applications.


Intelligent Systems / Altran’s Connected Car Platform provides a time and cost optimized way of developing and test-driving new concepts.

Today, people usually spend more than 10% of their time in a car, either as a driver or as a passenger. When being on the move, they want to be as connected as they are at home with computers or smart phones: connectivity features have become a major buying factor. Car makers have thus set out to build connected services into their vehicles – either by enabling users to connect their mobile phones and CE devices into the vehicle or by directly integrating connected services into the head unit.

While fully integrated services provide superior user experiences and help to minimize driver distraction, the significantly longer development and life cycles of cars compared to nomadic devices (e.g. tablets and smart phones) constitute a major challenge for car manufacturers. They need to find ways to deal with the growing consumer demand for connected services while taking into account specific safety constraints and interaction paradigms.

Solving tomorrow’s connected car challenges requires OEMs,Tier1 suppliers and Telecom/Telematics Service providers to team up today with a partner capable of taking an end-to-end approach, from ideation and business model elaboration through to development and system integration. 

Telematics Service Providers can benefit from teaming up with Intelligent Systems / Altran as our Connected Car Platform provides them with a customisable in-car client to develop, test and demonstrate their back-end solutions, including all aspects of data harvesting, processing and cloud storage.

For OEMs and Tier1s, Intelligent Systems / Altran’s Connected Car Platform provides them with a detailed view of our capabilities to support them in all aspects of developing next generation in-vehicle infotainment products and services. 

The Connected Car Platform is offered along with various technology blocks paving the way for time and cost optimized development and drive-test of new concepts. These blocks are:

  • End-to-end engineering (system, software, electronics) 
  • Discipline integration (HMI and usability, safety and security)
  • Integration of reusable technology blocks (e.g. TDI)
  • Open source GENIVI compliant software platform
  • State-of-art HW platform for IVI

Introducing the Open & Connected Car

Case Reference

Nomadic device integration



Development of a prototype to demonstrate data exchange between handheld wireless devices such as PDAs or smart-phones and the head unit.


 Intelligent Systems / Altran used the Connected Car Platform to build a nomadic device integration scenario supporting new use cases including the control of the vehicle navigation subsystem from the mobile device as well as using the head unit as server for a community gaming platform serving the connected nomadic devices in the car.