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TDI – Transparent Device Integration

Seamless interaction between mobile devices and infotainment systems.


Intelligent Systems / Altran’s patented TDI (Transparent Device Integration) technology allows interaction to be seamlessly transferred between consumer devices (e.g. mobile phones) and infotainment systems (e.g. in-car head units).

The technology enables two-way interaction between devices, allowing the user barrier-free access to information from any of the available interfaces.

This enables a number of use cases that improve the user value of both the mobile devices and the infotainment system, including:

  • Remote control of applications running on portable devices from a vehicle UI (user interface).
  • Use of the processing power, application logic, or connectivity of a mobile device from the vehicle.
  • Access to assets and media held on the mobile device from vehicle systems.
  • Transfer of activities and information between mobile device, vehicle and back to provide end-to-end services throughout a journey.
  • Presentation of applications resident on mobile devices in an HMI adapted and customized to the driver environment.
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By removing the barrier between devices, TDI provides a unique combination of functions and usability which would not otherwise be available. TDI supports low cost customization of an application to be used in a car while avoiding unnecessary compromises. This is achieved by allowing an in-car platform to reuse mobile phone functionality without the requirement to rewrite the whole application.

Technically, it is flexible approach: independent of the physical transport implementation, extensible, scalable, and supportable on a range of platforms. Importantly TDI is based on the idea of using an HMI adapted to the host device; this allows a better integration for driver oriented applications.

Such flexibility offers the means to reach wider user communities while controlling cost, and to sustain platforms by providing access from legacy devices.

Case Reference

TDI has been implemented to provide a client with a prototype to test the integration of mobile phone based navigation and email into the car environment.

The navigation service, running on a phone, was integrated in TDI. In this manner the driver could start navigation on his phone and bring it into his car to act as his car navigation system, with a fully customized HMI displayed on the in-car infotainment system. At all times, the navigation itself was running on the phone. Once the car was parked the navigation could continue but with HMI back on the phone, allowing the last few meters on foot to be navigated. The same approach was adopted for emails – where full email access is enabled in the in-car IVI through the phone mail system. 

TDI is demonstrated on Intelligent Systems/ Altran’s Connected Car platform.