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Providing truly value adding independent safety assessment.


activeISA™ is Intelligent Systems / Altran’s approach to performing safety assessments and it contains a process handbook and underlying toolkit of assessment techniques.

Justified opinions are generated by an assessment team who take an active wider look at existing safety information and collect evidence from diverse viewpoints. activeISA™ contains a process and an underlying toolkit from which assessment techniques can be selected, dependent upon the safety risks of the system under assessment, and taking into account programme context.

The key activeISA™ deliverable is an ISA report providing the justified opinion, supported by client engagement throughout the assessment to support early identification and resolution of any system or programme problems.


activeISA™ provides the safety assurance required by legislation and standards in many industries, and adds value by providing cost and time efficiency through:

  • Proactively assisting the customer deliver a safe system on time and to budget, not reactively reviewing documents and adding risk to a schedule
  • Providing a fresh view of the system risk – little benefit is obtained from repeating what has already been done, line-by-line reviewing of the original work, or of just checking process compliance
  • Tailoring the approach to the risk of the new system, so that effort is proportional to the risk the system introduces and the most appropriate assessment techniques are used

Case Reference

activeISA™ for Tilt Authorisation and Speed Supervision (TASS) system



Intelligent Systems / Altran was the independent safety assessor for a high-speed train system which authorises train tilting for high-speed cornering. The project was a benchmark application of activeISA™. The work included assessment of a range of safety, quality, system design, hardware design and EMC/environmental documents against the CENELEC standards and "Yellow Book 3". Intelligent Systems / Altran audited all aspects of safety & quality management, competency, system & hardware design processes and products, and played a key role in the assessment of the TASS trials and design safety cases.


The system was successfully introduced onto the UK mainline railway and the end client’s challenging timescales for passenger service were met.