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SafSec explained

SafSec explained

SafSec is a project and a methodology. The SafSec project is funded by the MoD Defence Procurement Agency who wished to:  "reduce the cost and effort of safety certification and security accreditation for future military avionics systems", particularly for new developments (AAvA, OSA, IMA and COTS) and inservice upgrades.

Further information of What SafSec is and Why SafSec should be used is available on the resources page.

The SafSec Project was sponsored by FBG, DPA, MOD and conducted by Altran.

The SafSec Methodology is the solution to the MoD's original requirement. The methodology is detailed in the SafSec Standard and Guidance and is freely available from The Standard and Guidance page.

The SafSec Standard and Guidance does not replace the current Safety and Security Standards nor aborgate or depreciate any of the specific requirements. Rather, it provides a framework in which such standards may be met more cost effectively and with reduced risks on many types of systems, but particularly supporting certification of AAvA, OSA and IMA.