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SafSec standards

SafSec Standard and Guidance

The SafSec Standard and Guidance is the main output of the SafSec Project. The SafSec Standard details a set of requirements for how best to combine the achievement of gaining safety and security certification for a complicated system, such as an Advanced Avionics Architecture (AAvA) or Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA). TheSafSec Guidance provides guidance on how to meet the requirement set out in the Standard. Both the Standard and Guidance were baselined at Issue 3.0 in August 2005. There are currently no plans to update the Standard and Guidance.

SafSec Methodology: Standard pdf
Altran Praxis S.P1199.50.2, August 2005

SafSec Methodology: Guidance Material pdf
Altran Praxis S.P1199.50.3, August 2005