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SafSec status

SafSec Status

The SafSec project has now completed. The objectives of its various phases were:

Phase I: Determine if there was enough synergy between safety and security certification to proceed with defining a single methodology that could address both, and that would be a benefit to addressing both aspects in a ‘joined up’ fashion.

Phase II: Define a methodology, that was acceptable to all stakeholders, for addressing certification of both Safety and Security on Avionics systems.

Phase III: Improve and validate the methodology defined in Phase II through making use of it on 2 Avionics case studies.

Phase IV: Made use of the methodology on a modular system that is under development. In particular the part of the methodology utilised was that on defining Modular Boundary Contracts for AAvA or IMA systems. There is a great deal of synergy between the Modular Boundary Contracts being defined through industry research and the Modular Boundary Contracts that the SafSec Methodology proposes.