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Advanced User Experience Platform (AUX-p)

Speak, watch, touch and move : the next generation of User Experience.


Intelligent Systems / Altran’s Advanced User Experience Platform (AUX-p) is a collection of frameworks and IP to enable human interaction with intelligent systems to be carried out by increasingly diverse and natural means – speech, gesture, movement, gaze. AUX-p is offered to the market as part of the Advanced User Experience packaged offer.

Emerging technologies offer the capability to present radically new ways of interacting with intelligent systems. Intelligent Systems / Altran’s Advanced User Experience Platform provides designers, ergonomists and developers with the capability to realize these new user experiences from conception through to delivery. It includes:

  • 3D visualization, communicating information with minimal use of menus and lists
  • Gestural interface technology to support communication to a system without contact through a keyboard or touch screen
  • Seamless integration between fixed and mobile devices (TDI-Transparent Device Integration)
  • Advanced speech recognition to allow operation in noisy environments without the use of special training and without requiring a specific speech recognition start trigger
  • Automated generation of HMI code, based on an abstract specification to maximize portability and flexibility


AUX-p, as part of the Advanced User Experience packaged offer, enables clients to prototype rapidly and try new desirable and efficient solutions in their market. The benefits to clients are:

  • Provides a tangible product vision
  • Provides confidence in product
  • Reduces development and market risk

Usability is key-to-success for new Intelligent Systems whether in a constrained environments (for instance a surgeon operating on a patient with a need to interact with a therapy delivery system), in a collaborative setting (systems that support interaction with multiple end-users such as crisis management displays and interfaces), or where mobility or flexibility is limited.

Such solutions enable various demographics to be supported (from professional users through to populations with special needs, such as the aged) and allow adaptive behavior as interaction priorities change.

AUX-p features which enable these benefits are:

  • Designed to address the specific challenges of constrained environments
  • Demonstrates collaborative working in real-time situation
  • Enables integration of multiple devices
  • Enable fast-prototype of solutions

Case Reference

Intelligent Systems / Altran has developed a concept demonstrator of new HMI technologies applied to the management of civil air traffic. The application includes 3D visualization and collaboration between a team of controllers using mobile devices. It integrates voice and gesture control, combining a shared workspace with a personal scratchpad on mobile devices.

The demonstrator development programme has resulted in successful implementation of novel technology integration, a demonstration positively reviewed by industry stakeholders, and has delivered a framework and technology available for deployment.