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OTOMAT – Automated HMI Testing

User Interface Testing – Repeatable, reliable, fast.


Intelligent Systems / Altran OTOMAT tool provides a framework for managing and automatically executing tests on human-machine interfaces (HMI).

It supports regression, validation, performance and conformance tests, and uses a client / agent architecture to maximize flexibility and to minimise the impact on the interface under test. No modification to the interface software is required: only the installation of an agent which has been designed to minimise memory and processor impact. This architecture makes OTOMAT particularly suited for embedded environments, and permits testing of multi-terminal systems. Agents are available for a variety of platforms.

The test definition and management tools focus on ease of use – a graphical interface facilitates scenario capture and test definition, and result reports are available in HTML.


The primary benefit of automated HMI testing is a reduction in the cost and time of test execution – regression and performance tests, can be easily and rapidly repeated, allowing a programme to focus on improving product reliability.

Manual testing processes are difficult to make consistent – particularly if long or complex scenarios are used. Automation improves the reliability and repeatability of the testing process, and OTOMAT can also detect errors that are difficult to spot ‘by eye’, as well as low occurrence bugs. Also it avoids using expert intervention for fastidious manual testing and issues that may arise from “human interpretation”.

The distributed architecture of OTOMAT enables remote operation and facilitates rapid deployment across multiple platforms.

Case Reference

A major manufacturer of specialist vehicles is procuring a new generation of in-cab HMI to control all information relevant to the operations of the vehicle. Speed and cost of verification and validation are major project factors, and the products will exist in a number of international variants and versions. As part of its development programme, Intelligent Systems / Altran is deploying OTOMAT to automate testing of embedded HMI.

This reduces test effort and cost of validation, detects HMI bugs that are difficult to perceive ‘by eye’, increases test reliability, and improves repeatability of bug detection.