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Risk Based Development & Testing

The idea is to focus testing attention to the most critical areas in order to maximize the test quality


The pressure to have systems tested is continuously increasing. On the one hand, deliverables become ever more complex and the time to market keeps being reduced. On the other hand, the activities preceding the test phase suffer from delays in the majority of cases. Yet, nothing less than a quality product is to be delivered. The only appropriate answer is a varied test strategy allowing for the execution of high-standard testing with limited means. But, what parts of the system must get the most attention? Very often, there is no straightforward answer, while the decisions about what needs testing must be based on the risks to be expected. At system level, the functionality of the application will probably be tested first. Subsequently, tests will have to focus on the areas where the most errors are anticipated.


The methodology of the Product RIsk MAtrix tool (Prisma®) supports the test manager in the execution of the risk-based tests. Our software assists the testers in drawing up the product risk matrix. Prisma® ensures that the attention remains with the contents and that it does not end up in juggling with figures in a spreadsheet table.

The basic idea is that the primary attention is on the most risk-prone areas, which boosts the quality of the tests. The objective is to test "well enough" rather than pursue perfection and dig up the tiniest detail of the system. The question that testers need to answer is whether a system is sufficiently reliable to release. Intelligent Systems /Altran  has developed a workshop especially for the PRISMA® method. The workshop offers an interactve way to understand the different steps of the PRISMA® method. To obtain more information about the workshop, send an e-mail to info@altran.nl.