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How to get the best value from Requirements Engineering.


Intelligent Systems / Altran REVEAL™ is a requirements engineering method supported by consultancy services, including formal training courses. It helps projects to deliver the right systems for the right price, on time.

Why is Requirements engineering important?

  • 48% of project failure sources are requirements problems
  • 41% of system errors are introduced during requirements phase
  • It costs 50 times more to fix a requirements error during acceptance testing than during the requirements phase

REVEAL™ is designed to attack the root causes of project failure by getting the requirements right at the start, and then managing the evolution of the requirements through the project.

The Key Elements of REVEAL™

  • Practical, well-tried techniques for producing precise, unambiguous requirements documents
  • Soft skills, for dealing with the human stakeholders, individually and in groups
  • Underlying engineering process, for bringing it all together
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REVEAL™ can reduce project cost and timescale risks by helping to ensure a complete, correct and usable set of requirements is produced and maintained.

REVEAL™ is unique because it:

  • Focuses on the underlying requirements by first understanding what an organisation must achieve, before addressing what a system must do
  • Applies fundamental requirements-engineering principles which address the importance of understanding the operational context (domain analysis)
  • Provides a full set of value techniques to balance stakeholder needs, actively identify and resolve requirement conflicts, and to judge how much requirements engineering is ‘enough’
  • Recognises & incorporates requirements change management
  • Is scalable, domain and life cycle neutral, supporting a flexible choice of tools and notations, with a small document footprint

REVEAL™ can be delivered in many ways:

  • Capability delivery: Intelligent Systems / Altran has a number of REVEAL™ based projects
  • Capability enhancement: Intelligent Systems / Altran REVEAL™ practitioners can work alongside a client team to grow the team’s requirements engineering ability, providing training & mentoring and tailoring the client’s requirements process and tools
  • REVEAL™ training: Intelligent Systems / Altran runs open 4-day training courses as well as training programs tailored to specific client needs. Intelligent Systems / Altran has trained over 400 engineers in REVEAL™

Case Reference

REVEAL™ capability enhancement for a large rail rolling stock manufacturer



To deliver a significant reduction in downstream costs from requirements changes by implementing formal requirements engineering and management to a team of 100 engineers.


Intelligent Systems / Altran designed a long term “Capability Enhancement” program.

An intensive initial stage provided formal training, supported by embedding of Intelligent Systems / Altran staff to support a rapid initial return.

Later stages involved regular debrief meetings and specific advice, with eventual completion of engagement with capability enhanced to client satisfaction.

The client’s objectives were met, with full adoption of REVEAL™ and a self-sustaining requirements engineering capability.