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XSA/XSE (eXtreme Systems Engineering)

How to bring greater value into System Design.


XSA/XSE is an agile and integrated systems engineering method that helps projects to:

  • Elicit true needs (functions, performances, constraints) and related hidden flexibilities, in an accelerated and collaborative way
  • Perform Design-to-X (DTX) analyses in order to raise the performance (e.g. weight, cost, user value) of a system or service. This can be done during this new system or service design, or as part of a reengineering activity
  • Elaborate, in a rational and structured way, the logical sequence of engineering decisions

XSA/XSE is designed to solve complex projects engineering essential issue: find “the right solution to the right problem”. It is achieved by getting the needs right at the start, then managing the value-driven engineering decision process throughout the project.

XSA/XSE is delivered as a packaged consulting offer. Intelligent Systems / Altran XSA/XSE consultants build a multi-disciplinary team (merging Intelligent Systems / Altran and Client domain and engineering specialty experts) then drive the agile, value-driven, highly collaborative project.
This technology block is used in both Intelligent Systems / Altran and Lifecycle Experience / Altran projects.


The key benefit of using XSA/XSE is time and therefore cost reduction.

XSA/XSE is unique because it:

  • Provides a lean and efficient problem-solving process (based on an agile, collaborative, robust and well-formed systems engineering framework)
  • Focuses on key requirements, revealing underlying needs, leading constraints and design key drivers
  • Supports objective design trade-offs about key performances by combining creativity and analytical techniques (DTX) 
  • Early integrates engineering specialties and other stakeholders in order to optimize decision and reduce wasteful iterations
  • Incrementally builds (or clarifies in case of reverse engineering) the engineering decision sequence leading to the optimum architectural design



Case Reference

Re-design of a compact, intelligent UV-based decontamination system (embedding multiple safety-related functions and multiple technologies)



To re-design of the system in order to enhance usability and perceived value, all the while optimizing life-cycle costs.

Engagement and Approach

Intelligent Systems / Altran performed a cost breakdown analysis to identify major cost elements and expertise required for the next step.
Intelligent Systems / Altran then applied the XSE method to:

  • Perform a blind review to identify potential improvements
  • Drive joint workshops to explore and develop the potential improvements and identify additional ones

Later stages involved the design of a concrete action plan to integrate the improvements in the product design.

The client’s objectives were met:

  • 184 single enhancements proposed, of which 94% approved
  • 66% cost reduction target, 90% of which verified
  • Action plan to get the new device on the market within a year